Cycling Surprises

After a marathon yard cleanup day Sunday, I decided to treat myself to a long solo bike ride on Monday afternoon.  Our long-range weather forecast doesn’t look too promising – it was time to enjoy the pleasant weather while it lasts.  Plus, John had made a few modifications to my long-neglected road bike.  I was excited to hit the roa.

Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a ride like this, so I headed out of town, along familiar territory (but along a route that I haven’t been in the last three months or so).  What’s this?  A whole field of stubby little ponies!20141103_125041Definitely something that wasn’t here the last time I rode this route.  My knowledge of equine things is very limited, but I think these were miniature horses.  The other option would be Shetland Ponies.  In any case, they were adorable.  I slammed on the brakes, dropped my bike, and walked up to the fence, talking softly to the ponies.  They all immediately stopped what they were doing, and wandered closer to the fence.20141103_124827The best thing?  There were two juvenile (or perhaps miniature) donkeys in with this pack or horses who just wanted to photobomb each shot.

Can you see me yet?20141103_124954How about now?20141103_124930Here I am!20141103_124936Then, this dude’s sister tried to run behind everyone and crowd into the photo from the far end!20141103_124904The entire time, they stood very calmly and watched me.  These are very sturdy little critters – woolly and stout.  Any one of them would make a terrific companion for Jezzy – wouldn’t it be nice for her to have someone to hang out with and round up from time to time?  I would take that little brown donkey in a heartbeat – he won me over.  I’ll be back to check on these kids very soon.20141103_124808Reluctantly, I got back on my bike and rolled on, climbing the hills, and enjoying the rush of flying downhill (with a stiff tailwind, no less!)  Then, I came across a large, rolling pasture with about two miles of brand new fence installed – to what purpose I could not tell.  No animals were in sight.20141103_131554Fencing lines always intrigue me.20141103_131632Ahhhh, now I know why I love my bike so much.  20141103_124950