Cape Breton Highlands National Park

About 225 miles from Halifax on the northern tip of Nova Scotia lies this magnificent National Park. We’ve spent four nights here – ambit of sunshine, some clouds, a spot of warmth, and some very cool nights.

I’m tired of my voice, so just enjoy these photos….

We took a hike one day, and were treated to some of the most intense autumn color I’ve ever experienced. About seven miles of splendid color, much of which was supplied by low-lying blueberry plants, whose dark scarlet leaves dominated the scene.

Along the way, there was an old survival cabin, equipped with two wooden bunks, a woodstove, two old sleeping bags, and a lantern.

What was really fun was the notebook with a stub of a pencil for inhabitants to leave notes for those yet to come. Lots of people commented about moose sightings (oh, sure…) and weather conditions. But this one made me laugh.

Tomorrow, we move on. This has been a great stop.

10 thoughts on “Cape Breton Highlands National Park

  1. Wow, what a spectacular area! I’ve had Nova Scotia on my bucket list of places that I’d like to see someday, your wonderful photos of the scenery there only confirm what I knew before, I have to spend at least some time there before I kick the bucket. I loved the colors in the foliage, and the various beaches that you showed as well. The notes in the survival shack were a nice find also.


    • Hey Jerry. I think you’ve got a bit of time to make the trip if your only thought is to get there pre-kicking the bucket. I don’t know what the best time of the year would be, but we were happy to trade a few dozen degrees in temperature for a thousand other campers.

      I thought of you when we trudged down to the beach to catch sunrise. Sadly, it was a bust -too many clouds. I was feeling so virtuous for getting out so early, too. Bah! We are on Atlantic Time here, and it’s really dark in the morning! Disorienting….

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  2. Love your pictures and laughed out loud at the letter and the return note from Gandalf. Thanks for an up lift and a great laugh!


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