Still Here

Hard to believe that it’s been less than two months since my last post. It seems like a lifetime ago.

We were camping at Tallulah Gorge State Park in northern Georgia when I got a late night call from my nephew. My sister Gail, who was hospitalized in Vegas, had taken a down turn and her prospects for survival were very uncertain. I was able to get an early morning direct flight from Atlanta direct to Vegas. John piled both Jezzy and me into the truck and we headed for the airport at 4am, stopping briefly at a Walmart to buy a duffel bag, so that I wouldn’t have to use a Trader Joe shopping bag as my carry-on.

By the time I arrived in Vegas, Gail was gone.

I stayed in Vegas for about a week, then flew to Charlottesville, VA as it was the closest airport to Shenandoah National Park, where John was camping on a long-planned escapade with some of our T@DA pals. A week later, we were finally back home in time for Mother’s Day.

It seems ridiculous to try to recreate that last month of camping anymore. Hikes and bike rides – so what? We have plans for later in the summer and fall, so I’ll probably pick the blog back up then.

But here’s a favorite photo of the two best sisters any girl could have. We were all at Lake Mead sometime back in the late 70s or early 80s. It has always been called The Hottie and The Hippie. Nice to remember better times.20171225_093449538983299348892679.jpg