Lake Havasu Love

Seems like we’ve had an entire week of doing nothing – but don’t think I’m complaining. Not so. But, we’ve been living in near-luxury at Lake Havasu State Park (AZ), in a site with both electric AND water, plus neighbors at arm’s length. Such luxury does bring out the sloth in us both.20180111_144759.jpgWe did get a good start though with a hike through SARA’s Crack,  (also called Crack in the Mountain). We were anxious to complete this hike through a slot canyon, after being thwarted on an attempt two or three years ago, when we were here the first time. At that time, we had Jezzy with us, and some of the elevation changes and narrow spaces were just too much for her to navigate, and we were forced to abort. Jezzy stayed home this time, and we negotiated the modest slot canyon easily.20180108_121226.jpg20180108_120755.jpgAlthough most of the hike consisted of walking down a pretty boring wash at the bottom of the canyon, it was fun to clamber through the slot. The best part, though, was the turnaround spot at the end, where we ran into Lake Havasu. Can you imagine a more perfect picnic spot?20180108_115250.jpg 20180108_115506.jpgThis site is maintained by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) for boaters, who may want to camp overnight. Plenty of room to pitch a tent, plus a pit toilet, and trash baskets.  Worth any amount of effort to get there. We took the long way back, so we could pass the Lizard Geoglyph, a fun (but hardly historical) hiker-made rock formation. It’s difficult to see, but use your imagination to see the giant lizard.20180108_140837.jpgCycling around Lake Havasu is easy – it’s mostly flat, the Lake is pretty, and there are a number of historic lighthouse replicas nearby to keep things interesting. We visited most of these before, but they are always fun to see and photograph.20180109_120856.jpg20180110_164747.jpgPlus, Lake Havasu is the home of the historic London Bridge, which was dismantled and reassembled here. Its serene presence rules the the area. 20180110_114105.jpgWhile we were at Lake Havasu, we made an unexpected, but most fun connection with someone whose blog I have read and admired for a long time. Ingrid and Al are full-timer RVers. In addition, Ingrid is an incredible photographer – the link above is to some of her Texas posts, which are probably my favorites. After seeing my last post about heading to Havasu, she sent me a note stating that they were also in Havasu, and how about Happy Hour? So happy that she took the chance in contacting me – we four had fun swapping favorite camping sites and discussing future plans. P1020088.jpgIf you enjoy beautiful photography, check out her blog.

We had one more blast from the past today while visiting Buses by the Bridge, and annual VW Camper Fest (hippie blast). If you have ever lusted about hitting the road in a WV bus, this is the group for you. Part flea market, part hippie, part wannabe, and mostly pure fun. Buses, some perfectly restored, and others held together with spit and baling wire, have traveled for miles to get here “14 hours from Albuquerque at 35mph”. We watched one guy get towed in on a flatbed AAA wrecker, and jump out of the cab like he had won the Indy 500. Lotsa love here. Creativity abounds. I’ll close with photos. These folks are here for the weekend, and it’s gonna be a party!20180111_144410.jpg 20180111_144114.jpg20180111_123447.jpg20180111_121949.jpg20180111_115940.jpg20180111_121549.jpg20180111_144856.jpgPeace and love. We are off into the wilderness again tomorrow.

30 thoughts on “Lake Havasu Love

  1. I know Ingrid personally! She’s so fun! And a great photographer!!

    We live in the Phoenix area and when they are at Pioneer Village we always get together.

    So fun seeing the VW buses! Great post! 😊


  2. I know Ingrid personally! She’s so fun!

    We live in the Phoenix area and when they are at Pioneer Village we always get together.

    So fun seeing the VW buses! Great post!


    • Hi Nancy. Thanks for checking in. I’ve been a fan of Ingrid’s blog for a few years now – she’s got an amazing eye with that camera of hers. It was great to finally meet her and Al. We nearly hooked up in Texas once, but missed connections for some reason I can’t remember.

      Thanks for taking time to comment. Camp on!

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  3. Thanks for taking us along on your visit to Lake Havasu. That picnic spot is perfect! And I love the VW buses! So much fun to stumble upon a gathering like that. Wishing you safe travels and happy trails!


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    • Hey Ingrid! Love your Havasu photos – if I didn’t know that you were standing out in the drizzle to shot those gorgeous shots of the tree + lake, I would never have guessed. They’re wonderful.

      Sorry to hear you and Al have both had the flu. It sure is running thru communities like crazy. Hope it’s just a dim and distant memory by now.

      Enjoy your travels. See you on down the road somewhere.


    • Thanks, Mary. I started the blog mostly to have a record (for us) of places we’ve been, and some of the weird things that happen on the road. Glad it’s fun for you to read – that’s part of the fun for me.


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  6. You must have chosen the best time of the year to visit Lake Havasu, as in any photo of the area that I’ve seen, it’s jam packed with boats and people. I suppose that we are a bit spoiled in Michigan with all of our lakes here, your post got me to thinking what’s a some one who loves boating to do when there are no bodies of water around. Still, I found the lighthouse a bit amusing, as if lighthouses were really necessary on the lake.

    The picnic spot after the slot canyon is about perfect for a picnic or overnight stay, I’d like to be there for a while.

    Seeing the VWs was pretty cool too, a real blast from the past!


    • Jerry, I was reminded of your earlier comments about Havasu when I bought a postcard. It showed the lake absolutely shoulder to shoulder with boats and bikinis. Not for me. And with a campground full of geezers, it’s pretty quiet. It’s a good reminder to stay away from that area in the summer. What is really nice about this campground is the size of the sites. There isn’t anything to provide separation or privacy, but we sure enjoyed having some elbow room.

      The lighthouses are pretty cool, actually. They are all to scale, and most do have some sort of beacon or flasher. I’m sure they have helped confused boaters stay off the rocks.

      The hippies were the best part. Many perfect restorations, but the most fun were those that had all the makings of hippie love written all over them. Lots of interesting folks, all willing to talk to a gawker.

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    • Thanks, Ellalou. These VW people know how to party! You would be amazed at how many campers are jammed into this small spot, and everyone seems to be having a great time.

      We’ll miss seeing you this spring. When are you going to venture our way?


    • Hi Gary. Glad you enjoyed this post. Pretty sure you will enjoy Ingrid’s blog if you decide to follow it – she always has great photos, and much more professional posts than I do.

      Are you still planning to cycle cross-country. Always thought I’d like to do that, but only if I could ride on the nice days. Ha!


  7. Wow, I love this post Judy! Mind if I reblog you on under Cool Guest Blogs? With your permission, I’ll put up a teaser post with links to your blog. Thanks in advance.


  8. Amazing pictures of the VW’s! Takes me back to high school days. It somehow startles me to see that gorgeous lake in the middle of such dry, desert-like land. What a treat to see that lake through a slot.


    • Hi Alison. I think we are here at the perfect time – pleasant weather, and a quiet, but full, campground. I bought a postcard to send, and it shows the Lake absolutely packed shoulder to shoulder with boats and bikinis. Not for me! It sure is a pretty area.


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