It’s been a week. That’s putting it mildly.

Most importantly, Jezzy is doing well. Before we left Las Vegas, we returned to the Vet, and he removed the drain from her eye socket, which must have been extremely uncomfortable for her. We also ditched the rigid plastic Cone in favor of a Boo-Balloon, which is an inflatable collar.wp-1491537425604.jpg It keeps her from digging at her face with her feet, but lets her navigate a bit better, because she can actually see where she’s going. It also enabled us to hit the road in the Fireball. She would not have been able to turn around wearing the Cone, as the diameter was at least as wide as the available floor space. Anyway, it’s going well. Her stitches come out Monday (writing this Thursday). Sister Gail has a friend in Payson who is a steadfast volunteer with the Humane Society. She’s arranged for a Vet Tech to remove Jezzy’s stitches. I love this option, since Jezzy came to me via the Humane Society in Michigan. Wonderful folks. Great organization. We are anxious to try to put this horrible incident behind us. She felt well enough the last night to help John with his NY Times crossword puzzle. That’s got to be a good sign.wp-1491536344772.jpgOur usual leisurely travel schedule was tossed aside, since we had only two days to make a reservation that we had planned for a five day trip. So, we relaxed for one night at Burro Creek Campground, a gorgeous pull-off spot near Wikieup, AZ. wp-1491536696137.jpgThis beautiful quiet canyon was the perfect spot for our first night back on the road.

Yavapai Campground in Prescott, AZ is one of our very favorite spots to camp. We’ve been there four times in the five years we’ve had the Fireball. Sadly, our four night stay was condensed into one night, and what a night it was! We went from warm sunshine to clouds, wind, sleet, snow, then back to rain. All in about an hour, and all during the time John was outside trying to grill dinner. It was wild! We had enough time in the morning for a quick hike with Jezzy before heading to Cottonwood, AZ and a three night stay at Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

This park has a crazy variety of sites. Our loop had a few stunted trees and small sites, but was more expensive than the larger, unprotected sites up on the hill. wp-1491536574188.jpgI guess that’s because this IS Arizona, after all, and summer must be beastly here. The Park is immaculate, and has hiking, biking, horse trails everywhere. It’s a place we certainly will revisit. One benfit to having a tree onsite is that it gives us a spot to hang a cooking light. (It was grilled pizza night!)wp-1491535722709.jpgOur first day, we cycled around a bit, and visited the Tuzigoot National Monument, a pueblo built by the people of the Sinagua culture between 1000 and 1400. wp-1491536506592.jpgwp-1491536438946.jpgwp-1491536373197.jpgLike many of the other Arizona pueblo societies, it seems to have dissapated around 1300, due perhaps to climate change, which made farming unsustainable. The Visitor Center was well done, and featured some huge pottery vessels.wp-1491536470019.jpg The site was excavated by unemployed miners under the supervision of college archeology students in the 1930s. That remarkable achievement alone makes it worthy of a visit.

On Day 2, we hopped back in the truck and went back to explore the old mining/new hippie community of Jerome. During peak copper mining years, Jerome sported a population of about 15,000, which dwindled to about 1000 in the 1950s, and then finally down to about 50 inhabitants when it was declared a Ghost Town. That’s when the hippies discovered it, rehabbed many of the buildings, and set about making it a vibrant tourist spot. It’s a quirky place – old mining culture meets wine tastings.

We enjoyed wandering around for several hours. Jerome looks like it’s about to tumble off the mountainside at any moment, and a few churches (and the jail) have indeed been relocated by landslides.wp-1491536136999.jpgwp-1491536101472.jpgwp-1491507902281.jpgwp-1491507858594.jpgwp-1491507709606.jpg wp-1491536282397.jpgMy mediocre photos aren’t really representative of all the unusual sights here. The sun was high and hot. Too bright to get any kind of decent shot. But, there’s lots to see here, and plenty of places to poke around and spend money (we refrained). The Historical Society Museum is well worth a visit – it’s full of tidbits about prostitution, medical care, education, and the like. It’s the best $1 we spent all day.

Tomorrow (Friday) morning, we leave our civilized campsite at the State Park, and head back off into the Coconino National Forest for several days of camping. We are hoping to regain some of our happy camping vibe, and are optimistic that Jezzy will perk up after Monday, once she no longer has to drag her inflatable collar along. We need our happy girl back, and are pretty sure we can coax Jezzy into being our laid-back camping buddy again.

Thank you for reading, and for all the kind thoughts you’ve passed along during this very stressful time. John and I really appreciate your comments.

14 thoughts on “Onward

  1. It’s good to hear that Jezzy is on the mend and doing better! Too bad that the attack messed up your schedule so much though. The town of Jerome was interesting, people used to build in the strangest places, but I suppose that they had to build where the copper was.


    • Someone (like you) with good gear and a great eye would find great images in Jerome. There are beautiful colors, and crazy structures everywhere. There are lots of ‘boom and bust’ mining town in the Southwest. Jerome just happens to be precariously set on the edge of a mountainside, which gives it an extra kick.

      Monday will sure be a happy day for us when the stitches come out. Jezzy has been great, but I do think she feels like she’s being punished (and that’s why she has to wear the collar).

      Is it Spring yet in Michigan?

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  2. I thought that was Tinkerbell over John’s head. Yes..I see it now. It is a camp light bulb.
    p.s. Sherman always hated that Elizabethan collar. I wish I had known about that option.


    • Tinkerbell. I like.

      The Vet suggested we try the Boo Balloon. It’s not perfect, but better for us here. We really would have a tough time with that big inflexible cone. I think Jezzy will be glad to dump the balloon as well – she doesn’t realize how wide she is, and is constantly getting stuck trying to turn around.


  3. So glad to hear things are returning to normal. I hope the attack dog that targeted Jezzy was reported to the authorities. Unfortunately that breed gets all clumped under the same label. I’ve known some very sweet, docile pit bulls. Howeve, if someone cannot handle the animal and the scenario turns out vicious as with Jezzy, it needs to be reported and the owner has to be accountable. I cannot imagine if that dog attacked my grandson! Safe travels until we see you in June! Did you reserve your campsite yet?


    • The pit bull is in custody at Las Vegas Animal Control. I’m not sure exactly what the process is, but there will be some kind of hearing (I believe) to determine it’s future. Yes, I have seen some ‘nice’ pits. But, they are hardwired to be attack animals and they are relentless fighters. I would never own one, and woul be very nervous about living near one.

      Never got any camping info from you regarding the Lilac Festival. Can you send me something? Aren’t you going to the BRR?


  4. Glad things are looking upward and onward for you guys and that Jezzy is on the mend after her traumatic ordeal. Nice that you’re able to hit the road again and I look forward to seeing your photos and reading about your adventures. Miss you!


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