After camping for three days in the pristine beauty of Crystal Cove State Park, moving to San Clemente State Beach is like being thrown into a wolf den. The Park is sadly in need of a bit of TLC, beginning with a bit of weed-whacking. It’s a touch overgrown.

But, listening to our neighbors (we’re camped in a crowded section of primarily tent campers) is a treat. Here’s how it sounds….

Wild panicked high-pitched shrieking…

     Authoritative male voice: Nathan, calm down.

Kid voice: How about we sneak up on….

     Authorative male voice: No, no, and NO!

LOUD female voice: Anybody lose a shoe out there?

Kid:…(unintelligible)….Making babies….(unintelligible)

Patient male voice: Avery, he has a cot, you have a cushion – that’s better!

Sound of car leaving…male voice: It’s not she’s like going to the grocery store, Dude. She’s gone…..

     Car returns 20 minutes later – chipper female voice: We have baby wipes and hand sanitizer now!

Male voice: Where’s the mosquito spray? ( Author note, there are no mosquitos out there)

     Female voice: omg…Did I spray that in your eye!!?

     Male voice: I looked it up -there are no mosquitos here. They are crane flies.

Female voice: Avery, get down from there right now! (It’s pitch dark out there). The campground is perched on a steep cliff.


It’s total mayhem here. Gonna be a long weekend.

The shrieking continues….

13 thoughts on “Campin’

  1. That’s funny. We had some weekenders from Miami move in two sites down from us here at Long Key State Park and all four adults seem to have no volume control to their voices. Fortunately we are upwind so most of the noise goes the other way. So glad we aren’t right next to them. Grin and bear it!


    • Oh, man. The older we get the less tolerance we have for the high-pitched shrieking. Fortunately for me, I’m evidently inheriting the deafness that accompanies geezerhood in my family. At our last beach camp out a couple weeks ago, Chuck was really annoyed by a little girl who he said was running around the campground shrieking at 8 am on a Sunday morning. As long as I stayed in the camper, I was blissfully unaware . . .


      • These guys were noisy, but listening in was worth any inconvenience. They did start back up at 7am on Saturday morning. Fortunately, we’re early risers.


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