Escape to Green Valley

Oh, did I forget to mention that we escaped our watery camp at Catalina?  Here’s the conclusion to our Water Wonderland story.

Although it continued to rain intermittently Saturday night, we weren’t worried about our prospects of leaving the Park on Sunday.  The big front-end loader seemed to have things well in hand by the time they quit moving sand around late Saturday, so we figured that it would be just a matter of catching up again on Sunday morning.  Correct!  John wandered over to the blocked area around 7am, as we could hear the machinery roaring back to work.  Cars and trailers were already lined up to leave.  Although the road wasn’t yet opened enough for anyone to get through, he reported that it probably would be ready in a couple of hours.wpid-20150201_085838.jpgSo, we packed up all of our wet, muddy crap as best we could.  Our wet awning weighed triple its usual amount.  And the woven patio mat was loaded with sand.  Water funneled out of it as we tried to sweep and fold it up.  Ugh – wet camping stuff sucks!  By 9am, we were hitched and ready to roll.

All the vehicles lined up early were already gone, so we were first in line.  The big orange loader backed right up to our front bumper and gave John the sign to stay right on his rear bucket.  He dropped the front bucket, started up, and we followed in the huge wake he created.wpid-20150201_085917.jpg The driver gave us a huge smile and a thumb’s up.  We were free!

We found out that Mt. Lemmon received 5″ of rain in the storm, compared to the 1″ received by the Tucson area in general.  That explains the huge volume of water we experienced, as Catalina State Park sits right at the foot of Mr. Lemmon.

So, now we’re in our rental house for the month of February.  It’s a different pace.  Surprisingly, we seemed to have filled up this large space (as well as the big garage) with our stuff, which we’ve since managed to dry out.  The Fireball is in storage, sitting out at a dusty lot on the edge of town, awaiting its new refrigerator, which has been ordered and is on its way.  We’ve reconnected with old cycling and hiking friends, and plans have been made.  This will be a memorable month.wpid-20150203_182231.jpg


18 thoughts on “Escape to Green Valley

  1. FIVE inches is a ton of rain…I swear here on the Gulf raindrops are a different breed. I could just imagine all that sand and mud on your mat…by now guessing your dried out and all swept up. Have fun in Tucson!! Thank goodness for backloaders!!!


  2. Camping in the mud is no fun, I can imagine how glad you are to get everything dried out! I think that I’d still rather have 5 inches of rain, instead of another 5 inches of the white stuff and below zero temperatures though. ;)


    • Not so sure if I agree with you this time, Jerry. Camping in the snow is an adventure. Beyond immersing myself in a great book, I’m hard pressed to find likable things about camping in the rain.

      Warm sunny weather trumps both, though….. ;-)


    • You? A fair weather camper? Who would guess. Better stories are generated by lousy weather – I like that.

      Would you rather be camping in the rain, or staying home in reasonable weather? Really, it’s not even close, is it?


  3. So glad you escaped The Flood. It must feel good to get everything dried out. Wet and clammy with sand would be the pits for me. You have a much higher tolerance for discomfort than I do. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures in Green Valley.


    • Wet camping isn’t much fun, but when you’re out there, its not really a choice you get to make. We were surprised at how much time we did spend out in the rain, watching the streams, and enjoying the big earth movers working. It all worked out great.


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