Michigan Adventure!

Can this possibly look like fun to anyone but me (and Caroline, of course)?wpid-20140602_075013.jpg

The bike is loaded with five days worth of gear – tent, sleeping bags, cycling clothes, civilian clothes, pots/pans, cooking gear (Caroline bringing the campstove), food for Monday dinner, Tuesday breakfast, wine, snacks, homemade shortbread cookies (thanks to my inner Martha Stewart ), a book (of course), headlamp, and various other necessities.

Five days/four nights:  about 300 miles.  I LOVE cycle-touring.  Loaded all my gear and did a 30-mile shake-down ride Sunday afternoon.  Perfect.

The bad thing?  80% chance of thunderstorms Monday.  Just hope it’s not raining when we set off – that’s NEVER fun.

Here we go…..


17 thoughts on “Michigan Adventure!

  1. I wish I was as adventurous as you two. Hope you have a blast and that the rain skips wherever you are when it comes down.


  2. You are my heroine—–I was looking for the hitch for the Fireball but don’t see it. LOL Have fun and dodge the raindrops.


  3. You are so adventurous Judy! Go out there and do it so we can live through you vicariously! Sunny skies and smooth sailing!


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