Home Sweet Home?

129 Days on the Road (96 in Fireball, 28 in rental house, 5 camping w/relatives)

12,094 miles driven – 19 states visited – camped in 17 different states

$$ spent – billions (must verify that with Visa)20140305_111931best spot (John)  Death Valley National Park, Grand Canyon (2nd)20140303_162735best spot (Judy)   Antelope Island SP (UT), Crystal Cove SP, CA (2nd)wpid-20140324_105552.jpgbiggest surprisewpid-20140402_074916.jpgworst road – Chaco Canyon access – in a league of its own, according to John.  A close second would be I-94 in Indiana/Michigan.  Disgraceful.

Most memorable spot – Blue Ridge Rally, w/dozens of our new best friends.  Thanks, y’all.20140502_094543Worst experience – the bathroom at Sam Houston Jones SP, LA (ridiculously awful)

Wildlife moment – bison visit at Antelope Island, pileated woodpeckers at Sam Houston Jones SP.  Antelope.  No bears, no moose.  ;-((photo 2

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Spent two days in Evansville visiting John’s brother.  Fabulous dinner at the Gerst Haus (I’m not posting the photo, because I don’t want to read unfavorable comments about a great dinner).  Fabulous food, including my pork knuckles/kraut (I’m German).20140506_184342  Beer at the newest brewpub in Evansville. 20140507_15343720140507_152701Lounging around their fabulous house and back yard, and generally making ourselves nuisance guests – sucking up WiFi, eating everything in sight, parking the Fireball on their showcase lawn, staying up too late, and laughing lots.wpid-img953164.jpg This is the home of The Best Shower on the Planet.  Spa-like.

So, we arrived home late Thursday afternoon, May 8.20140508_145512 The trees are barely beginning to leaf out here, other than the early flowering trees, which are gorgeous.  Big exception – the white dogwood in the middle of our front yard appears to be dead.  No buds, no leafy shoots – just a bunch of bare stalks.  Makes me unbelievable sad.  My hydrangeas, planted last year, don’t look good, either.

House seems to have a goofy smell.  Nasty!  We apparently took on some water in our basement, which soaked some carpeting.  Not copious amounts of water, just enough to wet things.  A power outage apparently took out our dehumidifier, so you can imagine the rest.  Unpleasant, but not catastrophic.

For some unknown reason, much of the paint fell off our front door while we were away. 20140509_104849 Our neighbor commented that we had an ice dam ‘Big As A Buick’ on our roof, but we don’t see any inside damage.  Whew!

Our yard looks like a maple tree farm.  We must have 10,000 budding seedlings.  (I probably pulled up 1500 of them today).

Got to ride my folding Bike Friday to the Farmer’s Market today.20140509_121244(these mold for these morel mushroom candles was made from a real morel).  Fresh greens, bread from my neighborhood bakery, a stop for poultry at my neighborhood grocery store.

Dinners, lunches with friends all on the calendar.  Mother’s Day family rebellion (oops, family dinner) with John’s clan.  Ahhhhh, guess this is okay, after all.





15 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home?

  1. Looks like you had one great trip.

    Love good German food. My paternal grandmother was from the old country as is my mother-in-law.

    We’re planning longer trips starting in July. My big fear is what we’ll find when we get home. We have someone check on the house while we’re away for more than a couple days, just in case. And of course the neighbors keep an eye on things but only from the outside.

    And, as others have mentioned, Spring was late this year – I still have daffodils blooming and my tulips are just now starting to bloom. I think summer in SW Michigan may be a short one.


    • My mom was German, so I’m fearless about oddball wursts and schnitzels. Over the years, I’ve eaten it all, and cooked lots of it myself. But, it’s never the most popular dining choice with anyone non-German.

      Our neighbors are great. They did check the house, and tried to roofrake some of the snow and ice off, but we sustained some inside damage anyway. Not sure if we wouldn’t have had the same thing, had we been home. We just had such a severe winter here. Both of our closest neighbors had inside damage (and they weren’t gone), so we did dodge some of the ugliness.

      I have a couple of random daffodils in still hanging around, and flowering shrubs in the neighborhood are beautiful. Guess I’ll just live vicariously through everyone else’s beautiful lawn, and try to shut my eyes to my own.

      We did have a great trip.


  2. Glad to have you home! Enjoyed every morsel of your blog.

    Butterflies make love on and babies in horse poop! Think of it as a one stop shopping experience.


  3. Sorry about the house problems. Hope they are all fairly simple fixes. The paint on the door is weird!

    Jezzie looks happy. :)

    And I am crazy about the morel candles.

    Wishing you good times with neighbors and friends until it’s time to hit the road again. I sure have enjoyed following you.


  4. So Judy, welcome home! Like the format of your recap….may use it someday.

    You were gone longer than we were last summer, when we drove to Alaska from Tennessee! I became sick right after we returned home and believe it had something to do with the house being neglected. Spent the next three months cleaning the house!

    We have been home for two months from our winter trip to AZ…..still feels strange to wake up inside a house! Hope you adapt back to the sticks and bricks lifestyle….


    • I’ve been keeping up with your blog – your basement pics are disturbingly familiar. Each time we return from weeks of camping, I get distressed over all the crap we’re hanging on to at home. We can live well with so little….

      Thanks for following our travels – John already plotting our next trip. Wish it would be today. I’m ready to head out!


  5. Welcome back. Don’t give up on your dogwood yet. Mine haven’t done anything yet either. Everything is at least a couple weeks late. Forsythia usually bloom during the first full week of April. This year it wasn’t until the last week of April and they’re still blooming. My grass just started to sprout in the last couple days. Sorry to hear of your water issues. Hope it’s all easy to fix. It was an epic winter – a great one to miss.


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