16 thoughts on “April Fool?

    • It was a 24 hours. We went from about 27 degrees, to 60 or so. Its about 7:30 am now, and its about 30. We hiked in the afternoon, in an ice storm. I’m willing to take a few days of crap weather, if it will keep it away from Michigan. You’ve paid your dues, weatherwise.


      • Dead Horse Point. It’s just north of Moab, and a few miles outside of Canyonlands NP. There are only a few campsites in Canyonlands (all non- reservable), so we used it as our jumping off spot for the Park. We’re happy to have had reservations, as the last few spots we’ve been in have all been 100% full. We’re in Arches NP now. Same thing.


      • Greg told me it was Deadhorse Point which we have been to a couple of times. Are you at the end of the road in Arches? That’s the only campground we remember there.


  1. Seriously?!? It’s beautiful, but…. So tired of it. We have had some great days this week, but it’s back to freezing rain over night tonight and winter weather advisories for tomorrow. Kids might have another snow day. Wish you were here to hear Jeff Mallett at Schuler’s tomorrow. Jochen rented a trike and rode to Rockford this morning. It’s only 4 weeks out from surgery so that’s quite an accomplishment. Bring some warm spring weather back with you when you come, please.


    • It was weird this morning, Alison. Foggy after the snow, but we figured out it was because we were up in the clouds. As we descended into Moab,it warmed up and was sunny. Camping now at Arches NP, higher altitude, and we’ve got kind of a sleety/ice mixture. Cold and windy, but I really don’t dare complain.

      Would you ask Jef a question for me? Many longtime cartoonists age their characters over time. Do you plan to do the same? (Please, please let the answer to this be NO!). I love Frazz just as it it, and hope the kids stay their current age forever.

      Thanks. Please let me know the answer.


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