Redrock Nevada

Is it possible to have too much camping surrounded by red rocks with bright blue skies overhead?  A resounding NO!20140309_140026Perhaps our Michigan white-sand backgrounds are coming back to bite us, but we are entranced with solitary off-the-grid camping in the desert Southwest.  After leaving Las Vegas, we headed to Valley of Fire SP, about 50 miles north for a few days of quiet camping.  Due to a nearby NASCAR event, we found the campground fairly crowded, but managed to find a spectacular, secluded site in the primitive area (no electric, pit toilets, bring in your own water).  Right up our alley. What better place to deploy our new 120W solar system (you can see it in the photo).  It kept pace with our power needs for three days.

We hiked and biked every trail in the Park, pondered every petroglyp20140310_154756

and admired petrified logs and unusual rock formations.wpid-20140310_143915.jpg20140311_114240

The best red rock formations earned their own Campshaw nicknames.

Darth Vader20140310_101329

Alison, wearing her helmet20140309_175940

The scrub Nevada desert was beginning to bloom.  Tiny flowers everywhere.wpid-20140310_121627.jpg20140311_114134 Bare windswept rocks, some with mysterious stones piles atop.20140311_114827But, the best of all was the desert tortoise we came across, carrying a grass snack to an unknown destination.20140311_132619  He resolutely passed me, and headed off to his home somewhere in the desert. 20140311_133723 Never thought I would see one of these endangered tortoises, and feel incredibly lucky to have been in the right place in the right time.

The best things in Nevada aren’t all about casinos and money.

6 thoughts on “Redrock Nevada

  1. Nothing beats Mother Nature for everything we really need. Still laughing at my rock star status. You two really know how to live. Your adventures amaze me. Love the tortoise and your luck in finding it.


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