Lug Nuts


The last two times an RV dealer has removed our T@da’s wheels, the tech has broken one of the lug nuts. Broken? How do you break a lug nut? Turns out the lug nuts are two-piece — a steel nut surrounded by a softer chrome-plated shell. Apparently the air wrench batters the shell until it breaks. $5 to replace.

Worse, the battered lug nuts are hard to remove since you can’t easily slide a socket wrench over them. Not what I need when changing a flat at the side of the road. Solution: replace the two-piece nuts with chromed one-piece lug nuts. I got mine at a custom wheel shop for 60 cents each.

Above I’m showing two of the battered lug nuts and two of the new ones. Below is the T@da wheel with the new lug nuts installed.

Easy fix.


9 thoughts on “Lug Nuts

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  3. Nice looking hubs!!!! What a nice cheap fix….we’re all about cheap! We lost a cap getting the new tires and had to replace all of them now…still awaiting the repair shop to call and say they are in….coming from Egypt I guess!


  4. From your title, I was afraid that you had lost a wheel. So glad to see that it was nothing that an ingenious 60 cents fix couldn’t cure.

    And the pictures are really cool . I wouldn’t have expected lug nuts to make great photo subjects!


  5. Oh yeah. I hate those cheap ass lug nuts. Good on you for replacing them with “real” lug nuts. Whoever specs those cheap crap ones should have to change a wheel & tire on the side of an interstate at midnight in a pouring rain with an ill fitting wrench.

    Be sure your lug wrench fits your new ones.


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