We love camping in the Fireball.  But, after five weeks, including some pretty iffy weather, and 8 straight days of dry camping, we were more than ready to stretch out into our rented house in Green Valley, AZ for the month.  We rented this place sight unseen last winter after we sold our old 5th wheel, which had been our Arizona Home.  And, boy, did we hit a home run!  The main selling feature of our new home?  wpid-20140201_133537.jpgPatio, with a spectacular view of Mt. Hopkins and Mt. Wrightson. (hard to get Jezzy to stand still sometimes)wpid-20140201_175734.jpgwpid-20140202_152514.jpg

For the first time, we unloaded our road bikes and hit the road to Tubac, a 46 mile round trip.  Legs good!  Back and neck need a bit of work to be comfortable.  But, it felt crazy good to be flying (it’s all relative) down the road on a light bike.  Every year I swear that I won’t let myself get so out of shape, only to be horribly surprised on my first ride.  But, it’s truly glorious to be on my Cannondale 613 again.  I LOVE this bike, and love riding with the gang.  A bit of headwind, some tailwind, paceline.  Yippee!  Only our mountain/cross bikes have been out of the truck, and we are so happy to be in real cycling mode.

Before that, we had to hit the trail on one of our favorite hikes.  In Madera Canyon (near Green Valley), we hit the Super Trail, and hiked with 7 others to Rogers Rock.wpid-20140203_112754.jpg A steady uphill climb ends in a rocky outcropping, which is a natural spot for a lunch break.wpid-20140203_112929.jpg It was a chance to reconnect with friends from Oregon, Nova Scotia, and New York.  Not only are these hiking buddies, most of the are cycling friends as well.  We share many interests as well as our gray hair (why don’t they call this place Gray Valley?) Being on the trail again is great.wpid-20140203_093625.jpg

Both of my sisters, Lynn and Gail, and their spouses Jerry and Dan are here. Best friends Caroline and Greg are here also.

Geezer heaven.   This is life by the tail.

9 thoughts on “Arizon-aaahh

  1. Some of our Arizona relatives have been suggesting a visit to Green Valley and, after reading your post, we must put this on our to do list. Sounds like an idyllic place!


    • Green Valley is pretty quiet. If you hook up with Green Valley RV Resort community, you’ll find lots of hikes, bike rides, and activities. But other camping options are pretty limited. John has been coming to this area for years, so the attraction for us is meeting up with other snowbirds and old townie-friends who we have known for years. It’s a bike/hike mecca for us. There’s a lot of natural beauty around here to explore.


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