Cycling San Diego

One last day in San Diego.  We chose to cycle into the city to check out the shoreline, and see whatever sights we could see from our bike saddles.  There are many.

San Diego is a city for cyclists.  We obtained a free bicycling map, showing trails, streets with dedicated bike lanes, designated bicycle corridors, and other streets labeled as bicycle-friendly.  Stopping to consult it frequently, we were able to navigate around quite easily, with one notable exception which wound up with us riding for a short distance on this street.  I do NOT recommend this!20140123_151651

20140123_150749We cycled along Harbor Drive, where an incredible array of naval vessels are harbored. Using the ID numbers on the side, we tried to identify some of them, but came up with so many conflicting ids, we gave up. (note the airplane at the base of the crane on the aircraft carrier on the left). wpid-20140123_122059-1.jpgThe ship was mammoth! We do think we saw the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, and we did see the USS Midway (aircraft carrier), which is now a maritime museum.  The overwhelming US Navy presence in this area quite remarkable.20140123_150041wpid-20140123_122254.jpg

There’s also the ‘regular’ seaport fare.  Pineapples, I presume.20140123_144635

We wandered back and forth, around and around, checking out the sights. 20140123_131039Huge yachts are anchored in the marinas.  We watched a guy give his dog a drink right from the people’s water fountain.  The dog was slurping up water like it was parched, while his owner proudly snapped photos of this feat on his cell phone.  Nasty!  Glad I wasn’t next in line.  The waterfront area was vibrant, and we thoroughly enjoyed gawking at everything as we passed thru.

Thru to the Karl Strauss Brewpub, that is. 20140123_133610 Lunch and chilled pints of IPA.  Cycling has its rewards.

Onward.  We passed the old Santa Fe Train station, still in use today. wpid-20140123_143609.jpg20140123_143133

It was built in 1912, I believe, and the structure and interior (I was told) are all original. 20140123_143433 San Diego has a red trolley line which passes through several points in the city.  It seems to take the place of bus service within the city, as we didn’t notice any of them.

On to the USS Midway, a decommssioned aircraft carrier, which is now a Maritime Museum.  The park in which it is moored is beautiful, with a statue depicting a very famous photograph20140123_132353wpid-20140123_132556.jpg

and a scupture tribute to Bob Hope for his contribution to the USO.   20140123_13213020140123_132152 Sculptures of servicemen listening with big grins and applauding surround Hope. Broadcasts of some of the actual shows are heard continuously in the area. It’s a moving tribute to a performer who gave so much of his time and energy to the US Armed Forces.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of this amazing area, yet we’re moving on tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Cycling San Diego

  1. Hi Judy, Loved this blog. San Diego is one of our favorite town. We looked up a lot on Coronado Island that was $1,000,000 and the lot was 3000 sq. ft. with a tear-down house on it! Makes our lots look like estates. We did stay one night at Strand SP and it was awful. Even the people were unfriendly. We’re in Houston right now sitting out an ice storm. Many of the roads will be closed until noon because their highway infrastructure consists of bridges over water. So we’re doing projects around the RV, reading and making chicken veggie soup. We’ve enjoyed our time here and had time to explore on a deeper level. I wouldn’t want to live here but it’s fun to see. Safe travels Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 05:49:17 +0000 To:


    • Your lot has always looked like an Estate to me!. We wondered if you were caught in all the Houston ice mess. Noticed that what MI weathercasters call “wintry mix” was called “messy mix” on That made me laugh. Did you go to Galveston Island again?


  2. The zoo (from your last post) looked like a great place to spend a day, but I would love to tour an aircraft carrier.

    One of these days I may have to break down and buy a bike, it sounds like a fun way to get around while travelling.


    • We just didn’t budget a day for the aircraft carrier. Seems like it would take that much time. If we were staying for one more day, I would definitely do it. As for sight-seeing by bike, it’s a very low-stress way to get around. No hassle of finding parking places, and you can ( almost) always get right up to where you want to go. All good.


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