Zoo! Bikes! Beach! Beer!

What’s not to like about San Diego?  We’ve been camped at Sweetwater Regional Park, in Chula Vista for the past three nights.  What a sweet spot!  Green grass! This is my first time to San Diego, so my first order of business was to visit the Zoo.  John was lukewarm about the prospect, so we split up for the day – he dropped me off, and picked me up six hours later.

As a kid, I have fond memories of watching Johnny Carson spar with Joan Embery and whatever creatures she brought to the Tonight Show to terrorize him.  The Zoo didn’t disappoint – I spent my time happily wandering around, snapping photos of everything, until my battery power was exhausted.  Here are a few of my favorite things.wpid-20140121_120528.jpgwpid-20140121_105556.jpgwpid-20140121_111308.jpgwpid-20140121_115140.jpgwpid-20140121_114935.jpgwpid-20140121_124416.jpgwpid-20140121_131519.jpgwpid-20140121_145116-1.jpg

The aviaries are fascinating.  Got lots of terrible photos there!  In fact, I took pretty crappy photos all day long.  Guess you’ll have to visit yourselves to see this spectacular Zoo (bring lots of $$).

We finally hauled out bikes our yesterday!  This is a terrific area for cycling – bikes lanes everywhere, and connecting paths from community to community.  We decided to circle around San Diego, and ride across the Strand to Coronado.  We hit the bikeway, and pedaled across the salt marsh.wpid-20140122_151629.jpg

We wanted to check out Silver Strand SP as a possible overnight location.  Uh, no….not for me.  This is not a parking lot – this is the campground.  wpid-20140122_123722.jpg

The fog was rolling in, blanketing us with a cool mist.  But, it was really heavy in places. wpid-20140122_142940.jpgwpid-20140122_142855.jpg We were happy to be (mostly) on a bike path, not out tangling with cars with such limited visibility. wpid-20140122_133645.jpg Lunch at Coronado Brewing Company, where we enjoyed IPAs, fish tacos, and a blackened ahi sandwich.  Ready for the 25 miles back to camp.  We considered taking the ferry across to San Diego, nixed that in favor of the known bike path.wpid-20140122_152426.jpgwpid-20140122_151122.jpg

We’re beginning to understand why people come to San Diego, and just decide to stay.  It’s been great, so far.

14 thoughts on “Zoo! Bikes! Beach! Beer!

  1. Don’t they say San Diego best climate in the nation. Great shots of the apes and hippos! What fun…. Glad you found the bike trails…now that had to be a sweet ride. Have a brewski for me!


  2. Big Sur and Carmel are very worth the effort if you are going that way at all. And if you’re going up to San Francisco, you HAVE to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Experience of a lifetime for sure.


  3. Wow! You just made me want to de-winter the MH and head south to San Diego. The bicycle paths sound really great.

    Great pix from the zoo. I particularly liked the two hippo pix. The first one made me laugh out loud!

    Lunch looked and sounded great. I’m very envious.


  4. We also spent a week in San Diego. We visited the zoo and did the VIP tour which gets you backstage and up close with the animals. We got to feed flamingos, wallabies, rhinos and others. You might also like the Wildlife Park. You get on flatbed trucks and drive through a several hundred acre area, like being on safari, where the animals are free to roam. We hand fed giraffes right from the truck! If you like WWII history make sure to visit the Midway Aircraft Carrier. When we were there, 3 years ago, many of the guys talking about operations aboard ship actually served on the Midway or similar aircraft carriers, so they knew of what they spoke!!! It was much more interesting than listening to some scripted talk by someone who just said what they were taught to say. The real purpose of going to San Diego was to get our, now 3.5 year old, puppy Scupper. We picked him up the day before flying back to GR. He rode in a pet carrier at my feet and was the best behaved passenger on the flight.


    • I’ll bet the VIP Zoo for was fun. Saw a few people on them during my visit. Didn’t have enough time for the Midway tour, but we did wander that way. It’s an incredible thing to see up close. We barely scratched the surface here. Guess we’ll have to come back.


  5. I loved San Diego. We are in Carmel. Went to Big Sur yesterday and having a painting lesson today. Marge and Jeanne say to call them if you come up this way. They would love to see you and meet Judy. Let me know if you want their number and I will text it.


    • We are heading to Laguna Beach tomorrow to see my nephew and family, then heading back toward AZ next week. Condo rented month of Feb. Paintung lesson sounds fun. Would love to meet Jeanne and Marge also, but it won’t work this trip. Anyone who would crochet a dissected mouse as a gift gets an A+ in my book. Have fun.


      • Saw the crocheted dissected mouse in person a couple nights ago. It was great. The painting I am working on is of Nellbie, it isn’t finished but I think is decent. Jeanne’s new studio is great, compact and just right, if I had one I would think I had heaven at my fingertips.


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