Home on the Range

We’re boondocking in the desert – a rarity for us.  After nearly getting stuck in loose sand, we landed at a wonderful spot in the middle of nowhere near Yuma (AZ or CA, we’re not really sure where we are.wpid-20140119_170958.jpg

Beautiful sunset.  A great place for an overnight rest on our way to San Diego.

Only one other notable item for the day.  We stopped for a date milkshake (ugh) at Dateland, AZ (along I-8 somewhere).  They actually had cages outside where you could put your pet while you were inside “enjoying” a shake.  John wouldn’t let me incarcerate Jezzy, but he did volunteer himself.wpid-20140119_133011.jpg

11 thoughts on “Home on the Range

  1. A beautiful sunset!

    When I was driving truck over the road, there were several places where they made the drivers stay in cages like that while the employees unloaded the trailer, one of many things that I despised about driving.


      • Well, sometimes I understood the reason, like when I would deliver to CVS pharmacies where there were drugs on the warehouse shelves, and Federal regulations could have something to do with it. What got me though was Dow Chemical, when I would pick up there, I didn’t even have to check with security, just drop an empty trailer in one lot, and pick up the right loaded trailer in another. But they had cages at their distribution centers which we had to be in while the trailers were unloaded.


      • Well, as good as the money was driving over the road, I hope I never have to go back to that. I like having time off to do more than get ready for my next scheduled work time. Being caged is only one of many ways truck drivers are treated poorly, but many truck drivers deserve to be treated poorly, so then it becomes a question of what came first, truck drivers being treated badly which results in only low lifes doing the job, or was it low life drivers that forced companies to treat them they way they do.


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