Sand in Our Sandals

Reluctantly, we packed up this morning and headed out for a long day on the road. wpid-20140110_072130.jpg Good thing we started early (7:30), because we spent 9 hours on the road today.  Texas is HUGE!  The most pleasant part of our day was early in, traveling through Hill Country.  The mostly flat terrain has a bit of a gentle roll to it, and the enormous ranches along the way all have interesting, elaborate gateways at the road.

Yea!  I did see one Texas Longhorn, but didn’t get a photo.  We also passed a farm of chubby miniature horses, and many sheep and goat farms in addition to the cattle ranches.  Then, ranches turned to cotton farms.  F-L-A-T lands!  The most interesting part of this was seeing the harvested cotton waiting to be hauled out of the fields.  It’s packed into giant bales, each the size of a semi tractor trailer.  Then, a protective colorful plastic is spread over the top, and they are randomly left in the field.  Cotton harvest time must have been fairly recent, as the bales were plentiful.

The last two hours were stupifyingly dull.  It’s so flat – no trees or anything at all to provide a break from the few oil wells, pumping steadily.  The amount of roadway litter is incredible.  Texas needs to promote an Adopt a Road program – abundant plastic bags and fast food litter really leaves a bad impression.

But, what a surprise when we suddenly came upon our campsite for the night at Monahans Sandhills SP. wpid-PaperArtist_2014-01-10_17-28-53.jpeg We’ve got sand dunes in Michigan – great ones.  But, we’re used to seeing sand that rolls down to a giant lakeshore.  These just roll down into other sand dunes.20140110_16432520140110_16462020140110_164953 Think Saudi Arabia.  After a long day in the Firetruck, we enjoyed stretching our legs and watching Jezzy leap around.

Had a true camping dinner of some locally-smoked sausage, which we grilled, along with a can of beans and some grilled sweet peppers.  Willie Nelson on the radio. Ah, camping at its finest.  The spectacular sunset sent me back out on the dunes to try a few more shots.20140110_18023620140110_175428

I’ve always wished I was taller….20140110_175840

John’s sporting some kind of new sockless boots look.  Not sure about this.20140110_171310

15 thoughts on “Sand in Our Sandals

  1. Your new header photo is PERFECT! It really captures the camping experience. And the dunes photos are beautiful!

    You are a better woman than I. After a drive like that I would be suicidal — or homocidal! :D

    Love those long legs!


  2. Nice choice for the title photo…and who did you black and white sketch? Nine hours…guess when your in Texas and on a mission put the metal to the pedal! Are those the slip and slide boots…he may be on to something lol….


    • Sorry to take so long to reply…..this got kind of lost in some other email. I take photos with my Android smartphone. The “pencil sketch” was done with an app called Paper Artist. There are lots of fun photo treatments you can do with it. Free.


      • I had a bunch of very cool photos that I had shot that day with different effects. Unfortunately, I forgot to save them. You have to save each one to your gallery (I think). Still exploring with it.


  3. If you don’t find enough long-horned cattle, there are some just a couple miles north of us. We would love to have you camp in our driveway <3


      • Yes, I believe I am making fun of you….too funny! Today is the first I’ve seen the turkey. He’s been coming less often and staying for shorter periods. I think we’ve just become a habit to him. The swelling in his foot is great reduced and he is using the foot more. However, he has a pronounced limp. Looks like he’ll make it at least as far as the spring hunting season. I’m afraid he’s on his own from that point on :)


    • Not my favorite state, but we have really enjoyed their state parks. Wish every state had a bottle deposit like Michigan. That’s a fast start to the trash problem. But TX will be in our rearview mirror already this afternoon.


  4. Not sure where you are now, but Fredericksburg, Texas has an incredible museum of the Pacific campaign during WWII. Patty and I agree that, to do it justice, you could spend a week there. I did a SAG ride with the local bike club there. I found out the hard way that you don’t go over the cattle crossing grates at high speed…Two flats!!!


    • Were already in west TX, so Fredericksburg will have to wait for another trip. we see lots of cattle grates in AZ, so the two things I know about riding over them are 1. Hit them straight on. 2. Speed is not always a good thing. ;-)


  5. Texas is a whole nuther country as they say. Lived there a couple times and that was plenty. Really cool photos, especially with the long shadows. Not sure which direction you are headed, but not far outside of Roswell, NM, there is Bottomless Lakes State Park this is an interesting place. Then you can head over to Carlsbad Caverns National Park if you’ve never been. Really cool place and be sure to get there before dusk so you can see the bats fly out of the caverns.


    • We are headed to Carlsbad, but camping at Brantley Lake SP. I looked on the Carlsbad website, and it looks like it might be the wrong time of year to see the bats. I would be creeper out by them, but would have to see them nevertheless.


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