Quiet Travel Day

Can you see the Fireball in this crowded campground?wpid-20140109_162838.jpgHad a smooth day of travel  through Texas hill country to a fantastic COE Campground near Salado. I had my eyes peeled for any longhorns, but was disappointed not to see any at all. Guess they are less common than I had hoped. Out campground is gorgeous and quiet, although we have picked up more trash here, than at any other campsite so far. Why are some campers such slobs?  We took a long exploratory walk and built a respectable campfire – a rarity on this trip, because it’s been so cold. Sat outside long after dark, but only have this photo.  Campfire roared into the night.wpid-20140109_173833.jpg

All’s good today.

7 thoughts on “Quiet Travel Day

  1. My goodness! I hope you didn’t get claustrophobia in that campground! :)

    It looks peaceful. Don’t you just love sitting outside around a camp fire after dark? I find it so hypnotic and soothing.


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