Finding Louisiana

wpid-20140106_165656.jpg Here we are – camping in ‘real’ Louisiana. Sam Houston Jones SP is the real deal.  The campground is surrounded by a mangrove swamp.wpid-20140106_165438.jpg Many of the trees are draped with ghostly strands of Spanish moss, which always look very exotic to my northern eyes. We’ve got a tame deer visiting. wpid-20140106_171649.jpgwpid-20140106_171514.jpg One of the other campers tells us that this little deer will play with dogs, but Jezzy is having nothing to do with that!

And this morning, we had two or the pileated woodpeckers right next to the Fireball. Bummed that I didn’t get a photo, but I’m no quietsolopursuits. (You’ll have to find this link yourselves, because I’m having trouble adding the link. But if you like great photos and birds, you’ll be happy you spent the time to look.)

AND, the sun is shining. Hope this is the start of a new trend. We’re off to Galveston SP for a few nights of beach camping.

9 thoughts on “Finding Louisiana

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I hope that the Fireball has been repaired and that you have no further problems. I think that you’re right about camping near the swamp this time of year, the skeeters could make good target practice for a skeet shooter in the summer.


    • ‘acquainted’ is not an accurate description. “Let me lunge, growl, and make menacing advances toward you” is more like it. Can’t believe she doesn’t have my gentle, loving nature. hahah

      Galveston rocks. We were here last year for a couple of days – riding our bikes on the beach was a highlight. Tomorrow’s the day for that!

      Hope you get your water issues fixed quickly. You need a break!


  2. That looks kind of spooky, but hand feeding the deer is amazing. I remember tame deer on a battlefield near Philadelphia, but they wouldn’t come that close. Judy, you really should write travelogues. It could be your retirement career.


    • We figure that January is the time of year to be in these Louisiana campground – bet the mosquitos look like B52s in the summer! We are happy to be here when we don’t have to think about alligators, mosquitoes, and snakes.

      Isn’t “retirement career” an oxymoron of the very worst kind? Thanks, Alison.


  3. Oh I wish I had told you stop at Betty’s RV….I bet you could have got your happy face on there. Hand feeding deer…wow! Love it! By time you hit the beach I’m hopeful for a warm breeze!


    • uh, so we’re here at the beach. No warm breezes, but a cold (or least least very cool) gale wind and temps in the high 30s. But, hey – we’re at the beach! And no snow to shovel!. We’re not unhappy at all with the work we had done at Berryland RV. They were very accommodating. We believe that we would have had the same two-step process wherever we may have stopped. The obvious cable problem would probably have been any RV dealers’s first step.

      We’re bummed that Jezzy doesn’t have the ‘play’ gene sometimes. It would have been amazing to see.


      • Glad you made the beach and especially that Berryland did you right! They’d be nuts not to with social media the way it is…


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