Good News….Bad News

What a difference a day makes.  A 30 degree increase in the temperature, and a bit of sunshine, and things don’t look quite as grim these days.  To recap.

When we pulled into our campsite at Fontainebleu SP, I was whining about our picnic table being too close to a ditch.  Like this…..wpid-20140104_094418.jpg Turns out that wasn’t our table, so that was the start of us turning over a new leaf. On Saturday, the weather warmed up so we headed into New Orleans, via the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway, about a 45 minute trip. Our original idea was to cycle around town, but it’s not a very bike-friendly looking town, so we deciding to hoof it. Our first destination was Joey K’s, recommended by my foodie-friend Maribeth.20140104_12040520140104_120420Good, but not great food, but we had a fabulous 2.5 mile walk over there, through some very interesting neighborhoods. New Orleans is colorful and beautiful. Temps in the 60s boosted our morale.

After lunch, we headed to Lafayette #1 cemetery to wander around. It’s hard to imagine how trees old cemeteries can keep going when they appear to be crumbling away. It’s a great history lesson. We later visited St. Louis #1 cemetery.20140104_12551520140104_130022

We wandered past a bike shop with some really fun single bikes hanging on the wall. I want one!  Sorry about the crappy photo.20140104_114013

Onward toward town…20140104_11513720140104_13353920140104_14262120140104_13114620140104_13160720140104_14080820140104_145931Oh, how I want this monkey lamp….

Past a bar with a funky Zydeco band.

Just in time for a beautiful sunset.20140104_170928

We listened to the Saints beat the Eagles that night in the last second of a really good football game, and were greeted the next morning with this sign on the Causeway,20140105_162146

Day 2 in new Orleans began at the World War II Museum. The film and other interactive exhibits are very intense. We wandered around for a few hours, but we’re “warred-out” after a bit and avoids to get back outside in the warm air.

Our best encounter of the day was with two homeless gentlemen hanging around the riverfront area. As we passed by, one looked me in the eye and declared “Ma’am, we’re just $.47 away from our next alcoholic beverage!” Who could resist a pitch like that?  I dug in my pocket, and all I could come up with was a quarter and two dimes, which I named over. We all laughed, and we continued on.

I’ll close with more photos of this amazing city. Can’t wait to come back.20140105_12525820140105_160248a little touch of Michigan here in New Orleans.20140105_13510620140105_140355seen in a souvenir shop window


And lastly, we passed an interactive art project which caught our attention.

The exhibit covered nearly an entire block. Interesting.20140105_155812-00320140105_15593920140105_155730-002

We’re hanging out this morning again at the RV service dealership, trying to get our brakes fixed again. We are probably not going to make our planned destination of Sea Rim SP in TX  tight, but that may be for the best. It’s going down into the teens here tonight, so we will probably want to be somewhere enter we can plug in. So, Sam Houston Jones is our new target.  Yikes! John just got back from talking to the service guy….. they’ve got the brakes all apart. New a bunch of new parts – $750!!!  Ow, ow, ow! but I guess there’s no choice here. Gulp.

19 thoughts on “Good News….Bad News

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  2. Still jealous of even 40 degree temps! Enjoy TX :)
    Good news: your driveway is clear of snow
    Bad news: Erica may be more expensive than the brakes…..


      • You are probably right. I agonized about mine for a long time. “Do we REALLY need to get them fixed?”

        The answer was yes! And now you — and we — don’t have to worry about them any more!

        How’s the hot water heater doing now?


      • We didn’t have a brake choice. Ours were not working at all! No brakes is bad! Hot water is working (knock on wood). We think it may have been related to very cold temps. We can live without if we have to.


  3. Hey Jude, The picture of the bomber in the WWII Museum is a B-17. My father was the pilot of a B-17, while bombing the Italian oil field during the War!


    • That makes it even more special. This museum was overwhelming. Did either of you do the submarine experience? John did, and still can’t can’t really speak about it. We are called in a mangrove swamp in st. Charles, LA right now. It’s kind of spooky.


  4. Looks like NOLA is coming back. What a vibrant city with a devil-may-care attitude. Hope the T@DA stops acting up so you can move on to your next adventure.


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