Heat! Lights!

Christmas Eve day was a picture perfect winter holiday scene – bright blue sky and fresh sparkling snow.  Best of all, we heard a strange rumbling sound around 10:30 am – the furnace!!  Yea!  Nobody will find our frosty corpses entombed in our snowbound house.  Happy happy.wpid-20131224_103944.jpgwpid-20131224_104002.jpg

As the snow continues to fall, we’re hoping the trees withstand all the weight they’re carrying.  The ice coating sure isn’t going to melt in the next several days, and the wind contributes an eerie rattling noise to the general quiet of the neigborhood.

We spent the afternoon being volunteer gift wrappers for Elves and More at Schuler Books.  The bookstore provides wrapping materials, and we wrap for tips or donations to the Elves.  In five hours, we made $237!  Christmas Eve is always the most fun day to do that – customers are surprisingly laid-back, and generous.  Elves and More is very near and dear to our hearts, since they provide brand new bicycles and helmets to underserved neighborhoods on the weekend before Christmas.  This year, they delivered nearly 3000 bicycles to a neighborhood fairly close to our house.  Bikes for all!  Can there be a better gift?

Heading out today to spend the afternoon with John’s folks.  Our big family celebration with his entire family will be Sunday.  Monday, the Fireball begins its slow roll South.  My family is all in Arizona right now, so that celebration will have to wait for a few months.

Enjoy the season.wpid-20131225_082156.jpg

8 thoughts on “Heat! Lights!

  1. What a welcome Christmas gift — electricity and a working furnace!!!

    But your photos of the snow are beautiful. And dear Jezzie is adorable bundled up against the cold.

    Looking forward to following Fireball’s travels!


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