Beautiful Betty

Betty has been here for the weekend.  We’ve got a great relationship with Betty’s owners – they happily take Jezzy when we need a place to park her for a few days, and Betty is always welcome here – easy for us to take a loaner dog since we have a fenced back yard.20131109_102929

But, such a needy girl!  She is never more than six inches from John – think she’s quite a daddy’s girl at home as well.  Me?  I’m just another piece of furniture around here to her.  She’s been a bit put out as we’ve barricaded her from the bedroom – two people and two dogs in the bed is one dog too much.  So, she’s had to comfort herself with sleeping on our new couch for the last three nights.20131108_14521020131108_14523820131109_10455020131110_183945

She’s a character.  Come back anytime, Betty.

Packing the Fireball for our NC trip – leaving tomorrow.  We’ve had to winterize, because of the forecast for temps dipping into the 20s.  Hope the weather improves quickly, as I don’t relish the thought of camping without water for too many days.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Betty

  1. Betty looks just like ‘Huckleberry’ who used to be in my life several years ago! English Setter……sweeties. Tell Jezzy Hi and John too! Have fun in NC and keep us informed!
    Sandi & John


    • With Betty, it works out great. She & Jezzy totally ignore each other, except for all the time they spend vying for John’s attention. Pretty comical, actually…..

      We have other dogs that we’ve dog-sat, that aren’t quite so agreeable.


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