So, I’m all set up for Halloween – got the giant bowl of bite-sized Snickers, Milky Way, and Butterfingers all set up by the door.  Outside light is on – inside door open so that I can hear the little munchkins hit the steps.  Jezzy is shut away from the door in an inner room so that she can’t bark and charge the door.  John’s gone for the weekend – in Traverse City for the Iceman (an enormous mountain bike race)

At 5:30, I get the first strike.  Two little girls – dad standing out on the sidewalk patiently waiting.  The tiny one closest to the door carefully watches me put a Snickers into her plastic pumpkin.  She glances at it, then looks me straight in the eye – she’s got mascara and eye shadow artfully applied, and her freckles are faintly visible through the rest of her makeup.  One more glance into the candy bucket – and a huge sigh.  Her shoulders droop, and she marches off the steps back to her dad.

I feel so crappy – everyone else is gonna get three or four pieces until it’s gone.




8 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. I finally quit buying the candy several years ago. Nobody showed up and I ended eating it all by myself. Of course, the kids at school enjoyed their share, but that still left me with a bucket of goodies. No wonder I weighed 200 lbs. at that time. Have fun.


  2. Priceless! I was sweating bullets waiting for Jay to come home. The sun was going down and I was going crazy trying to find the candy that he had hidden from me earlier in the week (at my request). Our son and dtr in law showed up with their little lion but all I could offer was a cracker while they awaited grandpa. Fortunately the one year old thought it was great. Jay showed up just in time for the first group. I had visions of the house being egged! Stressful holiday, huh?


    • A cracker? You two are not headed toward the Grandparents Hall of Fame, by any means. Kids here are damp, but not freezing – temps in the 60s. All in all, a good night to be a kid and run rampant!


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