Secret Storage

One of the challenges of small camping is adequate storage space.  I KNOW that we travel with too much stuff, but we are often traveling thru a couple of seasons, so we do require more things than if we were just going out for a week or two.

While tinkering in the Fireball one day, John found untapped storage space.  If you have a T@DA, the cupboard below your refrigerator probably looks like this.20131027_132736Did you know that below the bottom shelf is an empty space?  To John, it looked like the ideal spot for storage for our hiking boots, which usually reside in the back of the truck. So, he removed the lower panel, cut an arched opening, sanded a bit, reinstalled, and put a small piece of carpet on the floor to insulate a bit, and also to catch any moisture that may accumulate.  Voila!20131027_13280320131027_133011Perfect for a couple of pairs of boots or whatever.

Also, I love the half-sized flexible cutting boards that are available. These are non-skid, and washable.  They come in four-packs. Bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond. With a small bungee and a couple of eye hooks, they are always handy, yet out of the way. We slide two boxes (a beer carton and a wine box) into this cupboard where they fit snugly and hold all of our foodstuffs.20131027_133107

12 thoughts on “Secret Storage

  1. We have fiberglass instead of wood, but you have inspired me to start thinking about creating access to some of our hidden storage, especially under the rear bench sections.

    Thanks for the ideas! :)


  2. I think I would use something that could be washed instead of carpeting if I was going to put muddy stuff in there. Maybe one of those rubber mats that are used in workshops to alleviate pain for people who have to stand in one position all day. You can buy them in many colors in kids’ toy areas at Target, Meijer, etc. or just in functional gray at a hardware store. I have two that blew into my yard during a storm one day. They lock together like puzzles. Great use of unused space. I love to do that. When I built my house, I insisted that space above and below stares be enclosed for closets and storage. I need John’s cleverness to do this kind of thing with my garage. I’m wasting too much space for too much stuff. Something has to go. LOL


    • Alison, if you were ever to see our garage, you wouldn’t ask for John’s help. But, we do hang up all our bikes, which helps. We’ll have to see if carpet scraps work or not. Small pieces, easy to replace. Lots of scraps around.


  3. Fabulous! Thanks John for being the first one out of the starting gate! Looks like wine storage for us and the carpet is a great idea! Whoohooo! I’m putting my John right on it! xoxox Sandi
    P.S. Can you find more?!


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