Blowing Home

You know the roadtrip has ended when you drive in a slashing rain for nine hours.  But, we did have a few interesting encounters.

Heading toward the Peacebridge crossing into Canada through New York, we passed a bunch of wind turbines that were still.  Although it wasn’t terribly windy, it seemed odd that they weren’t moving at all.  All of the sudden, we see a number of white pickup trucks complete with flashing roof lights hurrying toward us.  While we couldn’t quite make out the logo on the side of the trucks (Tech-Something…), we’re certain they were on their way to get those turbines cranking.

Boring drive through Canada in the rain.  Listening to blues on the radio.  On the last leg from London to Sarnia, we notice an odd convoy approaching on the opposite side of the highway.  Huge John Deere and Allis Chalmers tractors, station wagons, a manure spreader, and all sorts of odds and ends carrying big signs that say “Stop Wind Power” and “We Voted NO”.  The lead car had a wind turbine planted on its roof. There were probably 50-75 vehicles in all, and the expressway was shut down behind them, so once the convey had passed, there were no vehicles at all in sight for about 10 miles..  Here’s what that was all about.

Crossing the bridge into Michigan, I paid the $7 toll and noticed that I had just $1 left in my wallet.  A sure indicator that vacation is OVER!

This morning, we’re lingering over coffee, contemplating all the work ahead of us for the day – we’ve got a yard full of leaves sitting on grass that’s a foot long, a few worn-out tomatoes hanging on plants that are crying out to be cut down along with the rest of the garden, laundry up the wazoo, and stuff all over the place, waiting to be cleaned and stored.  The petunias on the front porch still had life in them when we left in September, but they’re pretty pathetic now.  The Fireball and Firetruck desperately need attention.

Yep, vacation is over.

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