Baseball Fever

Heading toward New York, we steamed across southern New Hampshire and Vermont across some of the most beautiful roads we have yet traveled.  Although the prime colors were probably a week past, the lush rolling scenery was a real treat.  Picture puzzle perfect.

There wasn’t anyplace to camp really close to Cooperstown, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  We wound up at some crappy little campsite, conveniently located 150 yards from the Interstate and 50 yards from a busy state highway.  Noisy?  You bet!20131014_151702 But, for one night, we can make do with anything.  We rolled out by 8:30 the next morning.  But, I’m tired of putting $.25 in a slot for a shower.  This one was bad….

We didn’t know what to expect at Cooperstown.  Neither of us had done any research about the area or the Hall itself, so we were unprepared for this amazingly beautiful little town.  In my mind, I was expecting a modern museum, and what we got was a museum in a New England town hall.  Charming.

If you’re a baseball fan, this is Mecca.  History, artifacts, stories of the great players and plays.j We started with a multi-media presentation, which was unimpressive.  Sitting in a fake baseball stadium auditorium with a bunch of Seniors singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame – you can picture this, right?  Lame. Let me outta here!   John and I split up to explore on our own terms.

Really liked this early beer ad.  20131015_095244

I was particulary interested in the history and evolution of the Negro Leagues and the area of women in baseball.20131015_10404920131015_10511420131015_10534020131015_095153

Every single scrap of Detroit Tiger memorabilia was closely examined.  20131015_111037There’s practically an entire wing devoted to Babe Ruth.  Pretty impressive. 20131015_113243There was a running video of some of the great plays of 2013, and I could have watched that forever.  Baseball players can be amazing athletes.

The Gallery area of the Hall contains plaques of the Hall of Fame players, each with a summary of their achievements. 20131015_113202On and on…..

20131015_114326Leaving the Hall, we collected Jezzy from the Fireball, which was parked out on the street attracting admiring glances.  Decided to wander around town for a bit – there’s more baseball-related stuff there than you can imagine.  Lots of shops selling memorabilia, baseball cards, bats, and whatnot.  Cooperstown is also the home of James Fenimore Cooper, and there’s a large park area with a statue of him.

By this time, I was running out of steam, and my camera battery was shot.  No photos to share.  We motored on to Robert Treman State Park near Ithaca for our next couple of nights.  Photos from a newly re-charged camera (and body) to follow….

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