Last Day in Maine

We’ve spent out last night in Maine, and slowly turn toward Michigan today.  Our campsite last night was Sebago Lake State Park.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves….you can just see our truck in the empty campground.20131010_16102620131010_17151520131010_173437

A big wind camp up suddenly, and made the most interesting pattern across the water.  Strange that there must have been a few calm spots20131010_174854

We did sneak into Freeport, where it’s LLBeantown.  Four gigantic stores of LL Bean, all open 24/7.  We let them relieve us of a bit of our money, so that John has a decent chair in which to rest (see above photo).  Our other cheapie chairs have been ripping and bending.  We’re throwing them in dumpsters along the way as they give out.  20131008_15491920131008_164211

On our way to Weare, NH today,  where we’re going to camp for a couple of days with folks who also have T@DA trailers.  We’ve really been looking forward to meeting these people and swapping tips and stories.

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