Shutdown? Shutout?

So, we’re headed this morning to Acadia National Park, not knowing if the campground will still be open to honor our paid reservation. We’re camping now in a National Forest. Yesterday, I asked a Ranger what would happen if a shutdown went into effect, and he said they hadn’t decided. So, off we go into the uncertain.

Ridiculous. Too bad this isn’t an election year.

1 thought on “Shutdown? Shutout?

  1. Hope you can find alternatives in State Parks if Acadia is closed. I am so disgusted with the games they’re playing with our lives. Using threats to close down government to undo a law that was passed by Congress, declared constitutional by the Supreme Court, and passed the popular the referendum of the national election of President Obama who was campaigning on the issue of health care is a juvenile temper tantrum at best and traitorous at worst. Hope you aren’t too inconvenienced. Maine is such a beautiful state especially as the tree colors change.


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