Dolly and the Imp

Dolly Copp Campground in the White Mountain National Forest is amazing.  We have an enormous campsite – even if anyone were camped on either side, we wouldn’t see them.20130929_085848

Fact is, the campground is nearly empty – not 10% of the sites are occupied, and it’s perfect weather.  Lucky for us!  Perhaps the fact that there are flush toilets, but no showers or hot water in the campground deters others.  Their loss.

We decided to hike the Imp – a rocky protrusion half-way up a mountain.

view from the top

view from the top

Unfortunately, we didn’t quite understand where the trailhead was, so we had already gone about 2 miles before we started our climb. 20130929_153325 It was difficult – mostly rocky surface with many water crossings.  Jezzy was a champ, but she did balk a few times (that girl does NOT like to get her feet wet!).  We struggled to the top, 4.1 miles from the bottom.  Sandwiches appeared in our pack, and we recuperated, while worrying over the daylight left vs the distance we had to descend (2.2 miles)  Neither Jezzy nor I was too happy with this little ladder in the descent. 20130929_161235 All in all, it was a fantastic day, but we did hike 10 miles.  About four miles uphill, two miles downhill, and four flat miles.  We were so happy to get back to camp!  Totally worth all the effort though, even the spill I took on a very slippery rock.  John always says to me, “you’ve got to trust your boots.”  I did, and they let me down.  My arm is nicely banged up, but it’s a pretty small price to pay for such a vista.

Monday was our last day in New Hampshire.  We decided to do a 15 mile gravel road bike ride to a trailhead where we could hike to three waterfalls.  A good choice – great ride, and wonderful two-mile hike.20130930_143726

Now we’re in Maine – camping reservations in Acadia, but it’s closed.  20131001_142600We can stay in our campsite for two days while we make other plans, but the Park is not accessible to us at all. 20131001_142629 We’re pretty bummed out.  Think we’re going to hang around Bar Harbor for a day, then move north toward Canada for the next several days.  Hopefully, Congress will remove their collective heads from their butts and resolve their budget impasse, but we’re not hopeful that Acadia will be open while we’re still here.

So, all in all.  Not too much to say.  Everything is beautiful here.  Enjoy the photos.20130930_155838_HDR


We passed this grand old hotel on the way to Dolly Copp.  It was enormous.


4 thoughts on “Dolly and the Imp

  1. What a gorgeous campground and hiking–and biking trails! But I can picture poor Jezzie confronting those steps!

    We, along with thousands of others, are bummed about the closures, too. Everything from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon is closed. As are the wildlife refuges. The state parks are still open and I hope you can still find beautiful places to stay and that it doesn’t impact your plans too badly.

    Is that huge hotel still operational? It sure is impressive.


  2. Judy, if you have internet service check out mlive where they have a story of a truck hitting Katie and Ed’s house. Big mess!


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