Finally, we are in Vermont.  Feel like we are inching our way to Maine.  For the first time in days, we have cell phone service (and thus, a bit of internet access).  Reading the NY  Times is such a pleasure with our morning coffee.

Hiked a small piece of the Appalachian Trail today – it runs right through Gifford Woods SP, where we’re camped.20130927_111802  Had lunch on an outcropping of rock which looked out at Piso (ski resort) and Killington ski resort.  20130927_123750Some of the peaks were shrouded in the mist of the morning, adding an ethereal look to the scene.  Now we can say that we’ve hiked the AT in two states – makes us feel that we’re real hikers. ;-). Curious to think of the thousands of footfalls that have hit this famous trail. Wonder what it really would be like to carry a 50 pound pack for days on end and trek along the Trail.  Our campground is full of lean-tos which are probably jammed with thru-hikers in the prime months.The speck in the middle of the next photo is actually a small airplane.20130927_115644

another curious little ungus from the Trail

another curious little ungus from the Trail

Decided to reward ourselves with a beer, so we jumped on our bikes and pedaled out in search of beer and hay bale sculptures.

finding a spot for a beer with rocking chairs wasn't easy

finding a spot for a beer with rocking chairs wasn’t easy

Sculptures are created by local businesses and displayed out along a stretch of the highway running through town. We saw a few, which seemed pretty dorky.

We think this is supposed to be a bear with a glass of wine

We think this is supposed to be a bear with a glass of wine


It certainly isn’t ArtPrize.

We’re packing up this morning to head for NH – the Dolly Copp Campground in the White Mountain National Forest.  We don’t expect to have phone service there (or probably even any radio stations), so the blog will probably go dark for a few days. We sure do love the quiet of the very rustic campgrounds. Amazing how much time we waste fidding around on computers/phones when we have access.  I’m not proud of that.

Cheer on the Tigers for us, because we’ll be deep into RedSox territory.  Scary thought for a couple of diehard Detroit Tiger fans.

5 thoughts on “Vermont

  1. I am flat envious of your trip! I am really looking forward to your photos of camping in the White Mountains. I bet it will be cold there!

    Your mushroom is a hericium, I think. Hard for me to tell more without a closer look. Probably an H. coralloides or a young H. americanum.


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