Rolling and a Change in Plans

The Fireball is loaded and ready to roll.  Many of the details of our trip to Maine are already laid out.  Campsites reserved?  Check!  Food supplies?  Check (oh yeah, we eat well on the road…)!  Maps?  Check!  Phones, tablets, laptops?  Check!

Our plan was to cut across Canada to Buffalo, spending one night somewhere along the way (International Fireball!), then explore New York’s Finger Lakes area, the Adirondacks, New Hampshire, and on into Maine.  That should take us through the first ten days or so of October.  Then back through Vermont, meeting up with some other folks with T@Bs and T@DAs for a few days before heading home.  We’ve read about the lobster glut in Maine right now, and are determined not to let low prices deter us from stuffing ourselves.  Can’t wait!

The plan change?  Last night John was reviewing the rules for entry into Canada.  We’re a bit over our alcohol allotment, but not worried about that.  Not taking firewood along this trip.  We’ve got Jezzy’s vaccination certificates.  The hangup?  You can’t take DOG FOOD into Canada!  What???  Seriously??

Our best friend

That’s a deal breaker for us.  Jezzy eats regular dog food, but a type that can’t be bought in grocery stores.  We’re not switching.  So…..Ohio, here we come!  Got our eye on a township campground in North Kingsville, OH or a COE campground in Pennsylvania for our first overnight.  Prefer the PA campground, but we can’t seem to confirm that it’s actually open.

Back to last-minute packing….we roll in less than two hours.

10 thoughts on “Rolling and a Change in Plans

  1. Put the dog food somewhere they wouldn’t look and go!!! I have brought multiple dogs into Canada and the only thing they have ever wanted was the current vaccination records. I’ve never heard of the rule, but it is apparently VERY loosely enforced!

    Gary Harkins

    “When obstacles arise, you change direction to get to your goals. You do not change your decision to get there.


  2. Have a blast! Downtown Cleveland has been cleaned up near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if that interests you and isn’t too far out of your planned route. What the heck is it with dog food? Is it a new carrier for drugs? Crazy rules for a crazy world. You’ll still see some beautiful fall scenery. Hope the weather is great and everything works as it should. You will love Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, etc. It’s gorgeous all year long.


    • We talked about this all day and decided that it’s a mad cow thing. The US probably allows stuff in dog food that Canada doesn’t. They are afraid that our dog poop will contaminate the country. That’s our theory, anyway. No time for Cleveland now…maybe on the way home.


  3. How exciting and what a beautiful time of year. No dog food, bizarre! Bet repack the wine now :). Anxious to hear how you travel…like to make this trip some time!


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