Pay Attention!

For the past twenty years, I’ve lived in the same house.  And, for eighteen of those twenty years, I’ve had a dog (first Bogey, and now Jezzy) that I’ve faithfully taken for two walks each day.  So, it would seem that I should know my way around my neighborhood, right?  But, yesterday I strolled down the opposite side of a street that I’ve walked on hundreds, if not thousands of time since I’ve lived here.  And,this caught my eye.


The elf house on this telephone pole has probably been here for the entire twenty years that I have.  First time I’ve ever seen it, and I was charmed.

So, I’m resolved to Pay Attention!  Crazy that I stroll around without paying any attention to my surroundings.  Today, I noticed (again) that everyone’s hydrangeas are doing MUCH better than mine are. sigh.  The other thing I noticed is that I’m likely to take a header on my new discovery tour – the sidewalks here are pretty uneven because of all the mature trees.  Jezzy is so busy sniffing every tree and blade of grass that she’s totally startled every time I stumble and lurch behind her.

On a foodie trip to Ann Arbor this week, I spotted this sign at Zingerman’s (a foodie mecca).


Good advice from folks who really know their way around smoked meats!

4 thoughts on “Pay Attention!

  1. Adorable little Elf home…..thinking of when the grandkids would help me make fairy homes out side. Something about those little people that just make us smile! I’ll have to keep my eyes open and learn to take more of the whole view in!


  2. What a fun surprise the elf house was. That’s one of the reasons I take my camera with me whenever I go for walks. I see so many details I would otherwise miss. Not sure why, but it works! :)


    • Don’t think I will ever see all the tiny things you see on your strolls but I’m at least going to try to look around more. I’m usually concentrating on keeping Jezzy under control and staying upright.


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