Night Rider

After a month of being home and doing nothing but yardwork, house stuff, and bicycle events, the Fireball will finally be rolling again this weekend!  This will probably be one of our more oddball camping trips – we’re providing SAG support for a bunch of crazy mountain bikers who are night-riding 100 miles (think dark trails and bright little blinky eyes peering out of the darkness).  We start in Rockford, and  finish at Silver Creek campground in Luther, MI. Ride starts at 7pm, and will probably finish in the wee hours Saturday morning.  Our role is to cross the route in our truck at several points with food, caffeine, and water.  If someone wants to bail out of the ride, we have room to haul them and their bike up to camp.

We’re excited to try out all of the new camping stuff we’ve acquired in the last month.  There will be photos galore from camp.

Can’t wait to roll!


2 thoughts on “Night Rider

  1. Interesting…never heard of such. Bet that would make for some exciting photography! Great your getting out…sounds so fun!


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