A Change in Plans

Yesterday was to be our travel day to Grand Canyon.  We packed up on a cold windy morning, and headed into Prescott for coffee, WiFi, and a laundromat.  While we were trying to figure out our next week’s travel plans, the wind continued to pick up, shrieking and blowing clouds of litter, tumbleweeds, and dust around.  Weather forecast – gusts to 60mph.  NOT a good day to be towing the Fireball around.

So, we decide to hole up at a little RV park on the north end of Prescott.  Plan is to watch Michigan kick Louisville’s butt in the NCAA tournament (oops), and find another place to go.  We canceled one day off our Grand Canyon reservations, and hope to still get there.  Pretty sure we made the right decision – it was so windy that it was difficult to walk during the afternoon.

Jezzy can't figure out who's standing outside the window.

Jezzy can’t figure out who’s standing outside the window.

for forty bucks, we can get a bit of TV when we want it.

for forty bucks, we can get a bit of TV when we want it.

My happy family

My happy family

New plan?  Head to Sedona area for a night.  Grand Canyon is at a higher elevation and the nighttime temps are going to be in the teens.  Could be bad news.  So, we’ll scratch another night from GC, and hope for the best.

We haven’t got the most scenic site here, so today’s thru the porthole photos are from the outside in.  You can see our new stick-on digital TV antenna – one of the T@B folks we met had one similar and got great results with it.  We just wanted to be able to see the game…..

2 thoughts on “A Change in Plans

  1. Sorry about the wind and the change of plans. Hope it ends up working out better than ever for you in the long run.

    And it was fun peeking in for a change! :)

    I’m really intrigued by your stick-on digital antenna. Let us know how it works for you!


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