Vegas, Red Rock, and a T@Bfest

We said goodbye to Gail & Dan Thursday, and headed out of Vegas toward Pahrump for our T@B rally.  Goodbye to Vegas and all the casino riches.  We did place two $5 bets on Indiana to win the NCAA tournament – one for John’s brother Don, and another for our friend Pierre – both rabid IU fans.  Hope we get to turn these into cold hard cash!

Aliens invade.

Aliens in Las Vegas

So, we headed away from a yard with the best outdoor kitchen anywhere, blooming roses, and a strange little alien who waved goodbye with a tear in her eye.

Can’t speed past Red Rock Canyon without driving thru the impressive 15 mile scenic drive there.  More important (to me) was my chance to finally get my own National Parks Senior Pass (affectionately referred to as the Geezer Pass).  This sweet little baby will get me into National Parks free for the rest of my life, and will get me half-price camping there, as well.  Such a treasure, and now I have my own!  The past several times we’ve been to Red Rock have been on bicycles, so it was a different experience to do a quick drive-through in the truck.  The brilliant red mountains were gorgeous, and we were sad not to be able to take the entire day to hike and explore.

The wind erosion is very dramatic.

The wind erosion is very dramatic.

Another side of Red Rock Canyon

Another side of Red Rock Canyon

Next year, for sure.  Leaving the Canyon, stopped in the small town of Blue Diamond, in hopes of catching a glimpse of one of the wild burros who hang out there.  Three years ago, we nearly collided with one while on our bicycles.  None in sight today, so we rolled on toward Terrible’s Lakeshore RV in Pahrump, a small town near the California border, and our destination for the next two nights.

We’ve been looking forward to these two days for months now, as it’s another chance to get together with T@B owners.  T@Bs are a slightly smaller (perhaps slightly cooler) version of our T@DA trailer.  People with tiny campers are the most fun, innovative folks to be around.  So many creative ideas have added function and created space where no space existed in these little gems.  We spent several hours this afternoon, crawling around each others’ trailers, showing off our improvements, and taking notes of ideas we want to try.  Everyone is so generous with their time and information.  Four T@Bs were here….from San Diego, Huntington Beach, Seattle, and Portland.  We had the only T@DA, and were the least experienced of the group.  The evening was capped off with a great potluck, combined with lots of wild stories about camping escapades and laughter.  Our evening came to an abrupt end around 8:30 when the sprinkler system in the park came on full force.  The photos below really don’t do justice to these crazy little campers.

Tomorrow morning, we’re headed to Bakersfield (CA) for one night, then on to Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Joshua Tree, and Grand Canyon, with a few other stops along the way.  We’re excited to see these great Parks for the first time.  California, here we come….

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