Vegas Style

At last, our long-awaited chance to test out Dan & Gail’s spectacular new outdoor kitchen has arrived.  Rotisserie, flattop, dual burners, sink, refrigeration…all here.

outdoor eating at its finest.

outdoor eating at its finest.

Vegas, baby

Vegas, baby

What to make for such a momentous occasion?  What goes better with charcoal than pork? Nothing, in John’s estimation.  So, Gail ordered a seven-pound bone-in pork shoulder from her local butcher.  Anticipation whets our appetites.

John cruised the cupboards for ingredients necessary for John’s No-Joke BBQ rub.  Check!  A double batch is prepared (never know when we’ll need some on the road)

Trim, tie, rub, and insert onto rotisserie…ready to hit the fire.

After endless hours of watching and waiting, we’re finally ready.  We added a quinoa/spinach salad, and a fresh green salad to the table.  A couple of bottles of wine, and the porkfest is on.  It’s beautiful….

ready to go...

ready to eat…

add a bit of Sweet Baby John's, and a dipping sauce featuring Young's Double Chocolate Stout...

Add a bit of Sweet Baby John’s, and a dipping sauce featuring Young’s Double Chocolate Stout…

Vegas isn’t all about Elvis, Wayne Newton,  and gambling….we’re rolling out tomorrow with big smiles on our faces, and big bellies.  In just a few days, we’ll be in Yosemite.

3 thoughts on “Vegas Style

  1. I wonder if an outdoor kitchen like that would work in Michigan. Those pictures made me drool – both the set up AND the food. You’re going to love Yosemite. The awesome beauty is everywhere you look. Hope you get to ride your bikes in the valley. All of the famous falls and climbs can be seen from the roads in the valley. Mark and I rode out there when he was teaching in Nevada. It will fill you with wonder and awe.


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