On the road again

Can you hear Willie singing?  We’re happy to be moving again.  We’re rolling northward toward a BLM campground at Burro Creek.  We’ve got several weeks of national parks, hiking, biking and new adventures in our headlights.

We had a great time in Green Valley with old friends and family.  We hiked in several new places, made a few new friends, and shared laughs, swapped stories, quaffed beers, and ate TexMex with folks we haven’t seen for a year.  Like a big ol’ party here nearly every day. It’s not without regret that we’ve sold the 5th wheel trailer we tenderly call Fema (our port in the storm).  Her new owner Heidi is really looking forward to taking her to new places and filling her with the laughter and love of her own family.   Our rearview mirror is misted over, for sure.  We’ll come back next year to a rental townhouse in a new neighborhood.  Equal? Better? Worse? Hard to calculate right now.  2014 will be its own new adventure.

Our next six weeks will be filled with places neither of us has ever been – Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Joshua Tree, Antelope Canyon.  The Fireball (our T@DA trailer) has been shined up, restocked, refurbished with a few new things (more about that later), and is ready for the challenge of John, Jezzy and me on our big adventure.  All smiles today.

on the road…..

2 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. I love that song! Glad you are putting it into action again! I’m looking forward to tagging along with you. :)

    I like your attitude about 2014 being a new adventure. Somehow, things always seem to work out better than we expect. Serendipity?


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