Quiet Time

All of the sudden, it’s very quiet and calm around here.  Our Michigan cycling friends all left early Sunday morning after a final ride Saturday.  We celebrated with grilled burgers and sweet peppers and attempted to become experts playing the cornhole game – kind of a beanbag-toss game that’s pretty popular around here.  Found that we’re really not too good at it.

Sunday morning was my orientation at University of Arizona as a volunteer for the upcoming Tucson Book Festival.  I’m really excited about this event – over 400 authors will be in attendance.  Seminars, workshops, forums, and booksigning.  I’m signed up to work a 3-hour shift in the booksigning tent.  More info about the bookfair is here.  Tucson Festival of Books.

No photos.  Tried to take some with my new smartphone, but they were all crap.  The learning curve is steep, I fear.

6 thoughts on “Quiet Time

    • I just saw your comment – sorry for the late reply. This will be my frst Book Fair, too. Looks like a great event with a wonderful roster of authors – I’m excited to be a volunteer. Thanks for checking in with our blog – we love the Tucson area.


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