Hiking to Rogers Rock

After an evening of great food, beer, and SuperBowl, we decided that a Madera Canyon hike was in order for the day.

Super Bowl chili

Super Bowl chili

Six of us plus two dogs set off on a clear, bright morning, lunch  packed safely away for the halfway spot on Rogers Rock.  This is a great hike, not challenging – just a steady uphill with several great views of Green Valley below.  Always one of my favorite hikes – we get to see views of Mt. Baldy, Mt. Wrightson, and we can usually see other trails for hikes on other days. Hiking with Jezzy can be challenging – she wants to lead, yet all of her herding instincts are in full bloom, as she constantly needs to make sure everyone is still together.  It’s interesting to watch her attempt to keep everyone in her order.  Not easy to lead, yet sweep (the last person in the group is the sweep)

Many interesting trees in Madera Canyon – alligator juniper, ponderosa pine, and ghostly white sycamores along the creek.  We hiked roughly two miles uphill to Rogers Rock, the highest point on the walk.  Rogers Rock, an enormous flat-top boulder is the perfect spot for lunch and a break.  It’s perfectly quiet up there – no airplanes, birds, or animals.  Just a bit of whisper of wind through the pines.  Wonderful.

Back at the visitor center area , we encountered our first White-nosed Coati (Coatimundi). Looks like a cross between a raccoon and an anteater.

White-nosed Coati

White-nosed Coati

Cactus finding their way to a new home.

Cactus finding their way to a new home.

On the way home, we stopped to get food for Jezzy, and encountered one of our fellow travelers from Michigan with a few interesting additions on the back of their van.  Now we know how plant life moves around in Arizona!

Since I’m finding it very challenging to insert photos into this blog, I’ll close with a photo gallery of today.  Click on each photo to enlarge and move to the next.  Sooner or later, I’ll get the hang of getting them inserted in some kind of interesting fashion.

3 thoughts on “Hiking to Rogers Rock

  1. I love Madera Canyon and don’t get up there much anymore. There is a lot of history about Madera Canyon of Loggers and Indian raids. You may beable to google the story. I read about at the Santa Rita Lodge.
    How long will you be in Green Valley or this area?


  2. Judy, did you know that the Indians called the sycamore “The Ghost Tree”? The Alligator Pine deserves its name. Cool pics. Thanks.


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