The number of birds around here is incredible.  Mornings are filled with incredible soundings – mostly I think, from mockingbirds, but their variety of sounds is confusing to my midwestern ears.  The air is really alive with birds.  Astonishing.  Woodpeckers, finches, nuthatches, but the sheer number and variety is such a pleasure to see.

We also found that Natchez was loaded with cardinals – big flocks of them everywhere – I’m used to seeing them only in pairs.  Crazy to see them swooping in front of us as we drove thru the State Park.

Ever wondered where all of the robins that migrate from Michigan go?  Hernando, MS.  You’re welcome.  Use that in a crossword puzzle.  We saw flocks of robins – so odd.




1 thought on “Birds

  1. Just to make you feel even better. It was 1 degree F this morning in GR. Lake effect snow, the kids are happy, sledding. Bike on the trainer in the basement. Boring…
    Have fun,


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