Roughing it

Camping (campshaw style) isn’t all glamour.

peanut butter & wheat thins

peanut butter & wheat thins

Breakfast today is Wheat Thins & peanut butter, along with about three pots of Schuil Coffee Northwest Blend (our favorite).

We’re gathering our energy for a day exploring San Antonio by bike.

6 thoughts on “Roughing it

  1. Have a blast. There’s so many cools things to do in San Antonio. I recommend the Alamo, the zoo, the River Walk, and the Hispanic district. Those were my favorites.


    • We got in a bit of cycling today, the River Walk path extends all the way south to our campground – five miles or so from the city. Spent a lot of time at the Alamo, Riverwalk, and a couple of the Missions. BBQ, bike, beer…..all good. Hope you are surviving what appears to be extreme cold!


    • We didn’t get there today – spent a lot of time at the Alamo, wandering around downtown, then a couple of the historic mission sites. We’re headed out tomorrow. Would very much like to come back to San Antonio again – there sure is alot to see around here. Why do I feel so rushed???


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