Deep in the Heart of Texas

The ‘retiree’ thing is really starting to sink in.  No work.  Eat junk food whenever I want (BBQ and TexMex).  Beer.  Life is good.

We spent the day hanging out in San Antonio.  Amazing to consider a city that had a river flooding problem, and turned it into a major tourist attraction – the Riverwalk.  Fantastic downtown area, set up for walkers, cyclists, tourists, and downtown workers. The tourist-y area in the immediate downtown area is extended into a general bike path which extends south of town for several miles.  In fact, the entrance to the bike path was right at our campground.IMG_2201  Never even had to unhook the T@DA and move the truck.  Cycling into town was pure pleasure. Lots of birds stalking fish, turtles basking in 70 degree January sunshine,

kids playing on a day free from school (MLK birthday).  Doesn’t get much better than this.

Turtles and birds - all basking in sun

Turtles and birds – all basking in sun

Alamo is interesting.  So much to see and absorb.  We also spent a lot of time at two historic Spanish missions, which are now National Historic Park sites.  An excellent use of tax dollars, in our estimation.  While at the San Jose site, we were fortunate to see a sculptor working on a limestone scupture of St. Francis’ foot.

sculptor at work on St. Francis' foot

sculptor at work on St. Francis’ foot

Said he had been there four days, and had at least a couple more days to go until he would be finished.  Interesting to watch him tap away at the limestone.

Most of my photos are crap. Too much light.  Too little thought of composition, so I won’t post many.  We had awesome BBQ brisket from Country Line BBQ.  Here are a few images we liked.  We’re headed into west Texas for the next several days, and don’t expect to have any internet access.  So, this will probably be the last post for a bit.

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