Misery in Mississippi

Yikes!  We’ve endured quite the terrible weather in Mississippi – ironic for a couple of Michiganites trying to find some sunshine.  We spent two days in Hernando at Arkabuta Lake, and felt lucky to get out of there.  Rain & Ice!  We were frozen, but managed to get out okay, heading to Natchez.  Drove for seven hours in pouring rain, mainly down two-lane highway to see some of the countryside.  Not much to see as freezing rain kept piling up on the windshield.

Now we’re Natchez at the State Park.  Just got here in time to check in last night before the Ranger left for the night.  Really nice campground, but another cold rainy night.  We heard on the radio this morning that they’ve had 13 inches of rain in the past two weeks.  Everything is waterlogged to death.  Tried to take a walk on the Nature Trail with Jezzy this morning, but it was super slick.  BUT, the sun’s out, and we’re hanging out in Natchez, basking like turtles on rocks.  All of the sudden, our outlook on camping, life, and Mississippi has turned around.

chopping ice off the picnic table in Natchez

chopping ice off the picnic table in Natchez

Off to explore Natchez for the rest of the day.  No phone or internet at the campground, so this it is for awhile.  Galveston next…..



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