Schuler Books rocks

My retirement card

My retirement card

Has anyone ever been so wishy-washy about retiring?  It’s all I’ve thought about for a year, and now that the moment is upon me, it’s bittersweet.  My co-workers at Schuler Books & Music had a massive potluck for me yesterday (our special way of celebrating), and presented me with the above card and a copy of this fabulous book – do they really think that John and I can maintain such glamour?  Maybe we can shield them from knowledge of our actual life on the road…oh wait – too late.

book - Glamping with MaryJane

book – Glamping with MaryJane

Working at an independent bookstore has been my dream job.  Never have I been in an assemblage of such smart, bright, funny,  independent thinkers with such amazing cooking skills as the gang at Schuler Books.  My 13-year tenure there has been the job that everybody hopes to have at some point in their lifetime – I feel so privileged to have enjoyed it for so long

For those of you who may casually stumble across this blog and wonder why I’m blathering on about this….I hope you will stop to think about what your local  businesses mean to your community.  In our neighborhood, we’re fortunate to have a local grocery, cafe, hardware store, bicycle shop, and library within walking distance of our home.  I bicycle to work at the bookstore.  I patronize each of these local businesses first.  Would I trade them for a Home Depot, Walmart, and Applebees?  Hardly. They define our community, and are its heart and soul. Think about that when you place your next order from Amazon or price-shop a local merchant before placing an online order.

Glad to be retiring, missing my book community already.  Thanks for all the laughs and the warm memories.  You are the best.

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